Congratulations! Your WOOD WHEEL CHOCKS Is (Are) GOING TO Stop Being Relevant

Aviation wheel chocks are a must for safety in the aviation industry. Used for parking security and during engine test procedures, this little bit of aircraft protection must not be overlooked. rv outdoor mats Various sizes can be found, created from different materials, and each program must be fitted to the particular aircraft and conditions under that they are expected to perform.

Wheel Chock Construction

Before, aviation wheel chocks were made from wood, but since the chocks are often located outside, the wear and tear of weather can affect their performance by the real wood rotting away. Other factors include things like aircraft fuels and lubricants that deteriorate the real wood. Aviation wheel are also available in rubber, yet again, the erosion potential could be high after only a few seasons. The highest quality chocks will be created from urethane, using response injection molding (RIM) technology.

This durable polyurethane material is quite abrasion and temperature resistant and is maintenance free, opposing flammable and toxic fuels. These chocks are very impact resistant and will not necessarily rot, crack or splinter as time passes. They are identified as with the letters FOD and a circle with a slash over it to represent, No Foreign Item Damage – nothing will corrode it.

Aviation Wheel Chock Guidelines

Much like any wheel chock, aviation wheel have guidelines that must definitely be followed to ensure the safety of the product. The various conditions, including the dimensions and width of the aircraft tire, the kind of tire, the gross aircraft excess weight, the tire stress variances that occur with conditions and wear and lastly the type and express of the chocking surface (dried up, wet, icy, firm or gentle) will affect the chock’s usefulness. Each of the variables mentioned above must be taken into account when deciding which size to use. An aircraft company or armed service unit (who likewise use chocks for safety) probably has their own established guidelines that must definitely be followed, so be sure you administer accordingly.

Test the Chock

A couple of aviation wheel must proceed through thorough testing to make sure that the chocks will meet the expectations. N guarantee is valid if they are not applied properly. Numerous combinations of the surface and aircraft size will play a part in the effectiveness. Don’t examine the chocks beyond cause, however. In addition, you must remember to take away the chocks before transferring the aircraft.

Shape and Size

Aviation wheel chocks typically look like a parking bumper, with a flat side, a small incline and flat on top. They can come in multiple widths, 14 inches, 20 inches or more to 56 inches for larger aircraft. They typically come in safety yellow to remind the user to get them off before flying, and the military variant have a rope lock system. Once you order your aviation steering wheel chocks, you may even manage to have a personalized company logo imprinted upon them. Be secure!